Benefits of Warehousing UK Products in Ireland Post Brexit

Following Brexit, there has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the movement of goods between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU). With new trade regulations and customs procedures in place, businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to transport their products efficiently. Using a warehouse located in Ireland such as Spectrum is an excellent solution to store and distribute UK products to other EU destinations. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this approach.

Access to the EU Single Market

By using an Irish warehouse, UK businesses can continue to have access to the EU single market. The single market enables the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people between EU member states, making it a crucial market for many UK businesses. By storing products in an Irish warehouse, UK companies can continue to distribute their goods to customers throughout the EU without facing the same barriers as if they were shipping directly from the UK.

Trade between UK and EU image

Faster Customs Clearance

With the UK now outside the EU customs union, customs clearance has become a major issue for UK businesses. By using an Irish warehouse, products can be shipped from the UK to Ireland and cleared through customs more quickly than if they were shipped directly to the EU from the UK. This is because products shipped from the UK to Ireland are considered intra-EU trade and are subject to fewer customs formalities than if they were shipped from the UK to the EU.

Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping costs have risen significantly since Brexit, with many UK businesses now facing higher transportation costs and longer delivery times. By using an Irish warehouse, businesses can save on shipping costs by consolidating shipments and sending larger quantities of goods to Ireland. From there, products can be shipped to customers throughout the EU, reducing the number of individual shipments and lowering shipping costs.

Greater Flexibility

Using an Irish warehouse to store and distribute UK products can also provide businesses with greater flexibility. With a warehouse located in Ireland, UK businesses can respond more quickly to changes in demand from EU customers, as they can quickly dispatch products from the Irish warehouse to meet demand. This can also help to reduce lead times and improve customer satisfaction.

Better Risk Management

Brexit has brought new risks for UK businesses, including supply chain disruptions, increased costs, and potential delays at the border. By using an Irish warehouse, businesses can reduce some of these risks by diversifying their supply chain and reducing their reliance on direct shipments from the UK to the EU. This can help businesses to better manage risk and ensure continuity of supply.


In conclusion, using an Irish warehouse such as Spectrum to store and distribute UK products can offer significant benefits for businesses in the post-Brexit era. From access to the EU single market and faster customs clearance to lower shipping costs, greater flexibility, and better risk management, businesses can gain a competitive edge by adopting this approach. As such, it is worth considering as a viable option for UK businesses looking to maintain their presence in the EU market.