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We leverage our considerable spend in the print management channels to deliver a significant difference to your bottom line. From marketing materials to point of sale stands, the Spectrum procurement team can assist you with sourcing inventive yet practical promotional products to engage your audience.

How We apply our resources


We have access to the most up-to-date digital technology and can provide a comprehensive range of digital solutions from our extensive and expert supply chain partners.

Spectrum procures a wide range of print, point of sale and packaging across all printing formats including lithographic, screen, digital, gravure and web.


Our ERP system SAP, provides a hosted software as a service (SAAS) solution.

This allows our procurement team and supply chain partners to manage and optimise the process from origination through production and fulfilment.


We work with businesses across many sectors, helping them create effective communications across all types of media.

We do this by bringing together a team of creative individuals all focused on your brand and how best to tell your story.

How We Work

Whether creating unique concepts for both print and digital media or becoming your brand guardian we follow 4 simple steps to deliver excellence every time.


Every brand needs to know where it’s headed. We work with your team to help them understand what your brand stands for, or needs to stand for to remain relevant to your customers.


Applying our knowledge from the understanding phase, we develop and clarify the brand strategy

Design & Create

We begin to design and finalise the brand identity and develop the look and feel of the brand following the brand guidelines.

Implement & Review

We then launch the strategy and design, maximizing on the coverage it receives.