Kitting & Assembly: Your Guide

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The finishing touches are key, whether it’s a red bow, adding a hand written note, using high quality tissue paper or simply adding branded stickers on boxes. This is known as ‘kitting’, and our team strives for presentation excellence, with a keen attention to detail. 

The kitting process consists of compiling individual items or component parts into a ready to ship package, known as a kit. Using an assembly line and a variety of pick and pack fulfilment methods, Spectrum offers two mezzanine kitting lines totalling 15,000 Sq Ft and a dedicated team of kitting specialists to ensure faster assembly for your brand.

This guide will explain what warehouse kitting is and how it can benefit your company, including why outsourcing the process to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Spectrum can save you time and hassle.

Why is Kitting important?

Kitting can help increase revenue and customer satisfaction, ultimately improving your bottom line. Warehouse kitting can be a great way for eCommerce businesses to save time and money as well as optimise their inventory management. Kitting is a value added service, but can be just as essential in your eCommerce Fulfilment as picking, packing and shipping.

Faster Assembly

In the eCommerce business, fast and accurate delivery is paramount. For many consumers, it can alter their perception of your business and make the re-purchase decision for them. By adding outsourced kitting services to your supply chain, you can count on the faster assembly of your products and, subsequently, faster shipping. By preparing items to be shipped in bulk instead of preparing them individually, you can make your order fulfilment process that much more efficient.

Reduced Overheads

There are many overhead costs associated with fulfilling, kitting and assembly services in-house, such as extra warehouse facilities, personnel, IT management systems, and equipment. These can prove costly and expenditure can be way more than anticipated. When you choose to outsource assembly services, you’ll avoid these initial costs—assembly companies already have these systems in place, and it won’t cost you nearly as much to use them.

Helps to Manage Fluctuating Demand

Kitting can get overwhelming during busy periods, making packaging and shipping mistakes a more common occurrence. Outsourced facilities will have the time and resources to prepare for your fluctuating demands, whether that means having more inventory ready to go or scaling back for a little while.

Better Packaging

When you hire an outsourced kitting service such as Spectrum and make the choice to pre-package items, you can potentially save money on packaging and postage costs. Instead of using standard boxes to package your items, you can purchase custom-made boxes for particularly popular items—custom-made screams expensive, but when you buy them in bulk they can actually end up being cheaper than ready-made ones.

Check out some of our previous kitting jobs and get in touch with our dedicated team of specialists today to learn more.