Reasons to get an Ordering Portal Integrated with your 3PL

To maintain a competitive edge in today’s competitive and fast-paced market, it’s essential for businesses to maintain speed and efficiency when it comes to order fulfilment. There are several benefits to using third-party logistics (3PL) services and they can help your business streamline the entire fulfilment process, ensuring you’re picking, packing and shipping orders on time and meeting your customer’s expectations.


An online ordering portal can be a real advantage for your business and as an experienced 3PL partner, it’s something we offer our warehousing customers at Spectrum. Our Webshop is a B2B commerce portal that can simplify your ordering process and enhance your day-to-day operational capabilities. Below we have explored how this tool can benefit your entire business, from your marketing teams to your sales personnel, and why Webshop is a key feature for enhancing and escalating your fulfilment process.

What is Webshop Ordering Portal?

Spectrum’s Webshop simplifies the procedure of placing orders at our warehouse. Our customers can make their in-stock items available via this portal, complete with images and descriptions, and grant exclusive access to their whole team and business partners, allowing them to order shipments whenever they like. It works similarly to an e-commerce website and is extremely easy to navigate, as well as being especially useful for companies that handle a high volume of orders and/or have large teams.

webshop ordering portal

Webshop Benefits

An easy-to-use ordering portal can be a game-changer for businesses, boosting efficiency and reducing operational bottlenecks. This system facilitates the ordering process, enabling companies to scale their fulfilment process securely and quickly.

Simplified Process

Spectrum’s portal streamlines this procedure by providing a unified, user-friendly platform for placing orders swiftly and efficiently. The straightforward design reduces the need for extensive training, reducing the learning curve. Removing complexity not only speeds up the process, but also reduces the possibility of errors, ensuring that orders are correct. Each user is assigned a unique login, allowing them to order inventory from Spectrum’s warehouse at any time.

Next-Day Delivery

Orders placed through Webshop before 12PM can be delivered the following day. This quick turnaround is essential for maintaining the flow of inventory and can be particularly beneficial in industries where time is critical. Furthermore, Webshop users can schedule orders in advance by selecting a specific shipping date, collect orders directly from Spectrum’s warehouse, or for urgent cases, choose an express delivery option as an additional service.

Time Optimisation

Frequent actions can be saved within the Webshop platform to speed up the ordering process:

  • Frequently used delivery addresses can be previously saved, so they will be displayed in a drop-down menu to prevent the user from having to type the address in every order
  • Shopping carts can also be saved, so the user will not need to select the same items and quantities every time they place a frequent order
  • It is possible to upload a spreadsheet with all the items and quantities that a given order should contain (contact our customer service to get the template). This is especially beneficial for orders with a large number of items.
  • It is also possible to create a favourite’s list to quickly view the most frequently ordered SKUs
Inventory Visibility

One of the challenges in inventory management is maintaining an accurate record of stock levels. The online ordering portal addresses this challenge by offering inventory visibility. All users can see what product categories and subcategories are available at any given time, preventing the issue of over-ordering or stock shortages. Along with Spectrum’s real-time data Client Portal, Webshop enables marketing staff and salespeople to make informed decisions based on the current inventory levels, enhancing the overall efficiency of your supply chain. Detailed photos and descriptions of each SKU are added to the Webshop to make it easier to identify items. If you do not have images of all SKUs, the Spectrum team provides a photography service.

Order History

All orders made through the portal are recorded on the platform, so it is very easy to consult the order history.

Using Webshop Ordering Portal


All in all, the Webshop ordering portal adoption offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your operational efficiency when using 3PL services. It’s always worth finding out more about how this tool can assist your business with effective inventory. In today’s competitive landscape, having such an efficient system is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity.


If you have any questions about the 3PL services we offer at Spectrum or how our Webshop ordering portal works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are proud to work with businesses across many sectors and from the beginning, our mission has been to deliver for your brand. Our experienced team will exceed your expectations by providing exceptional customer service and our expertise in third-party logistics will provide you with peace of mind.