The Value of High Quality Printed Catalogues

Product catalogues play a key role in the B2B or B2C industries by serving as a comprehensive and organised product listing for buyers. It provides accurate product information, ordering convenience, and visibility of the product range in a standardised presentation. Moreover, printed catalogues facilitate communication between suppliers and buyers, working as an effective offline tool. They provide a common ground for discussions about products, pricing, and terms, helping to establish clear expectations. Finally, well-designed and high-quality product catalogues reflect the brand image and professionalism of the supplier.

Ensuring high printing quality for product catalogues is crucial to creating a professional and appealing representation of products and leveraging sales results. SPECTRUM has an experienced and highly qualified print management team that has been providing excellence in print procurement, design, quality assurance and fulfilment of catalogues and other printed collateral for the past 30 years. Here are some tips from our team for achieving the best printing results:


product catalogue pages

High-Resolution Images:

  • Use high-resolution images for product photos. Low-resolution images can appear pixelated and reduce overall print quality. Ensure that your images have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (DPI) for optimal print quality.

Colour Management:

  • Calibrate your monitor and use a colour profile that matches the printing specifications. This helps maintain consistency between on-screen colours and printed colours.
  • Use the CMYK colour mode for your catalogue design. CMYK is the standard colour model for printing, representing the four ink plates used in the printing process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

Choose the Right Paper Stock:

  • Select a high-quality paper stock that suits your catalogue’s purpose and budget. The paper’s weight, finish, and texture can impact the overall feel and durability of the catalogue.

Professional Design Software:

  • Design your catalogue using professional graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. These programs provide advanced tools for layout and design.

Bleed and Margins:

  • Set up your document with proper bleed and margin settings. Bleed ensures that images and colours extend beyond the trim edge, preventing white borders when the catalogue is trimmed after printing.


  • Carefully proofread your catalogue before sending it to print. Check for typos, grammar errors, and any inconsistencies in product information. A well-proofed catalogue enhances the overall quality.

Print a Test Proof (Sample):

  • Before printing the entire run, request a test proof from the printing company. This allows you to review the colour accuracy, image quality, and overall appearance before finalising the print job.


printed catalogues

Coating Options:

  • Consider using coatings such as varnish or UV coating to enhance the catalogue’s visual appeal and protect it from wear and tear. These coatings can also improve colour vibrancy.

Choose a Reputable Printing Company:

  • Select a reputable printing company with experience in producing high-quality catalogues. Check reviews, samples of previous work, and inquire about their printing technology and capabilities.
  • SPECTRUM offers an end-to-end solution that not only streamlines print management, but also considers the client companies’ product range and industry to enhance the printed materials. Our print procurement team is able to combine premium quality printing with competitive prices by having a number of approved vetted suppliers in Ireland, UK and throughout the EU.

Print in Bulk:

  • Printing product catalogues in larger quantities often results in cost savings per unit. However, balance this with your storage capacity and the need for updates or changes to the catalogue in the future. Additionally, the catalogues mailing service plays a key role in this process, as it ensures suppliers and buyers access the materials within the expected deadlines. That is why it is important to choose a company that incorporates print management, design, storage and fulfilment services.

In summary, paying attention to these details and working with experienced professionals, can maximise the printing quality and effectiveness of your catalogues, as well as create a visually appealing and powerful marketing tool for your business. 

Author: Gary Owens – Spectrum’s General Manager