Creating Memorable Onboarding: The Ultimate Guide to Welcome Kits for New Employees

Options for Onboarding Welcome Kits

When it comes to welcoming new employees, providing them with a thoughtful onboarding experience can set the tone for their journey within your organisation. One effective way to make new hires feel valued and engaged from the start is by offering them welcome kits. These kits are more than just a collection of items – they represent your company’s commitment to their success and well-being.

So, what should you include in these welcome kits? Here are some options to consider:

new hired welcome kit with business merchandise items
  1. Branded Merchandise: Showcasing your company’s logo on items like t-shirts, water bottles, and notebooks can instil a sense of pride and belonging in new employees. Spectrum has an expert Print Management team to design, procure, and print premium-branded merchandise for your business. 
  2. Welcome Letter or Handbook: Providing a personalised welcome letter or an employee handbook can help new hires navigate the ins and outs of your company’s culture and policies.
  3. Stationary: Equipping new employees with essential office supplies like pens, notebooks, and sticky notes shows that you value their productivity and want to set them up for success.
  4. Technology Accessories: If necessary for their role, including tech accessories like laptop sleeves or USB drives can be both practical and thoughtful.
  5. Snacks & Beverages: Offering a selection of snacks, coffee, or tea can create a welcoming atmosphere and foster connections among new hires and their colleagues.
  6. Company Swag: Customised items such as keychains, stickers, or magnets can create a sense of unity and pride among new employees.
  7. Personalised Gifts: Tailoring welcome kits to the interests of new hires, whether it’s a book related to their field or a self-care item, can make them feel seen and appreciated.

The key is to strike a balance between practicality, personalisation, and alignment with your company’s brand identity and values. By carefully curating the items in your welcome kits, you can create a memorable and impactful onboarding experience for your new hires.

Choosing the Right Items

company branded merchandise kit
  • Customisation is Crucial: Keep in mind that customisation can have a big influence when choosing products for your onboarding welcome packages. It is evident that you treat each new recruit as an individual when you customise the material to suit their interests and preferences. Personalised gifts, such as a book relevant to their area of interest or a self-care item like a scented candle, may leave a lasting impact and help new hires feel valued and noticed.
  • Thoughtfulness Meets Practicality: Although personalising is important, keep in mind the usefulness of the things you put in the welcome kits. Pens, notebooks, and sticky notes are examples of office supplies that are not only practical but also demonstrate your concern for preparing your new hires for success in their positions. The welcome bundles are filled with helpful and meaningful goods for the recipients, all while striking a balance between practicality and thoughtfulness.
  • Reflect Your Brand Identity: The values and brand identity of your business should be reflected in every item you decide to include in the welcome kits. Personalised items, such t-shirts, water bottles, or notebooks, not only imply a feeling of pride in recently hired staff members but also act as a continual reminder of your company’s values and goals. A seamless onboarding process and the reinforcement of your company’s image can be achieved by ensuring that the goods are in line with your brand identity.

  • Foster Connection and Engagement: Consider including items in the welcome kits that promote connection and engagement among new hires and their colleagues. Snacks, beverages, or company swag items can create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage interactions among team members. By fostering connections early on, you can help new employees feel part of the team and build strong relationships within the organisation.
employee onboarding kit

Selecting a Supplier for Onboarding Welcome Kits

Cost and quality are the two most important factors to take into account when choosing a supplier for your onboarding welcome kits. Spectrum stands out as a top-tier choice, offering a comprehensive service that covers everything from design to distribution. With a keen focus on premium quality, Spectrum ensures that the materials used in the kits are durable and reflective of your organisation’s commitment to excellence. Additionally, ISO 9001-certified quality control checks and skilled professionals guarantee that your welcome kits meet the highest standards.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Spectrum excels because of our expertise in distribution, storage, and procurement. Having worked with clients from multiple industries for more than 30 years, Spectrum can quickly find the ideal solutions by selecting the right option among a large range of suppliers to meet your company’s specific needs. Through cost optimisation without sacrificing quality, Spectrum provides the ideal balance that any business looks for in a supplier. This commitment to providing high-quality welcome kits at competitive prices showcases Spectrum’s dedication to meeting clients’ needs while ensuring that they stay within budget constraints. When you choose Spectrum as your supplier, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Furthermore, Spectrum’s in-house design team excels in personalisation, allowing you to tailor your welcome kits to align with your brand identity and values. It ensures that each kit is unique and resonates with the recipients, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in your business. With Spectrum as your partner, you can elevate your onboarding experience to new heights, making a lasting impression on your new hires. Choose Spectrum for your onboarding welcome kits and embark on a seamless, personalised, and cost-effective onboarding process that leaves a lasting impact.