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ZINZAN is an Irish owned eCommerce furniture store with a mission to set the trend in replica and original designs, providing the opportunity for everyone to create homes and spaces with an edge.


ZINZAN’s customer base has enjoyed significant year on year growth since launch. The management team identified that a strategic partner for storage, pick, pack and distribution would allow the business focus on what they are good at: marketing the business and driving sales.


Spectrum implemented a one stop shop solution for ZINZAN, covering storage, pick, pack and distribution
  • Storage
  • Pick and Pack
  • Distribution
  • Online Order Processing


Through harnessing the expertise of Spectrum, ZINZAN’s business has gone from strength to strength as the management team has capacity and budget to focus on driving sales.

100’s of orders picked, packed and shipped daily 

Using Spectrum's capabilities and expertise in eCommerce fulfilment has taken away the headache of logistics and allowed the business to focus on what we are good at - the sales and marketing of our products.
Gerard Martin, Managing Director