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Poco by Pippa

POCO by Pippa is a rapidly growing Irish fashion brand developed by Ireland's leading fashion, beauty and style blogger, Pippa O’Connor. POCO By Pippa jeans are exclusively available online on


Due to the phenomenal sales success of the brand, Pippa and her team were spending too much time on the warehousing and logistical challenges to meet the growing online order fulfilment needs. Above all else, Pippa needed a partner she could trust to deliver her brand.


Create a stock management, kitting, pick & pack and logistics solution that allows POCO by Pippa to completely outsource all warehousing and online order fulfilment needs. Spectrums kitting team pre-sort jeans by style and size to ensure the most efficient pick, pack and dispatch.
Stock Management
  • Online Order Processing
  • Kitting
  • Supply Chain and Stock Management
  • Logistics Solution


Three months into a hugely successful launch Pippa and her team were able to outsource their complete online order fulfilment needs to Spectrum, freeing them up to concentrate on continuing to grow the brand.

1,000s of orders picked, packed and shipped per day.

“Spectrum's fulfilment service was the next logical move for our business. Removing the logistics services from our day to day business has allowed us to focus on the sales and marketing of our products. Making sure our customers receive their package in a timely and friendly manner is a vital part of the experience. Spectrum's service has given us peace of mind that this element of our business is taken care of in a very professional way on a daily basis.”
Brian Ormond, Co Owner