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B2B Warehousing & Logistics

Our technology, people and expertise allows us to deliver excellence for your corporate customers

Spectrum is proud to partner with many of Ireland’s leading brand owners, storing and shipping products and marketing material to a variety of commercial destinations. Our technology, people and expertise allow Spectrum to deliver excellence for our customers base which covers the media, food & drink, apparel, home and consumer goods, cosmetics, technology, public and charity sectors.

Use our 80,000 Sq Ft Storage & Logistics Facility

  • Located in Citywest, Dublin
  • 12,500 pallet spaces
  • National & global solutions
  • ISO 9001 certified warehouse
  • 27 transport hubs & 530 vehicles
  • SAP Business One ERP system

We can
handle multiple materials per pallet store stock at individual unit level repack or rework stock on arrival ensure traceability on all orders

How We apply our resources

Kitting and Assembly

We have a dedicated 10,000 Sq Ft kitting and assembly line.

Here our kitting team can kit your bulk or individual products into ready to ship sets. Once completed, kits can be dispatched or called off and shipped as needed.

Pick and Pack

Our ISO certified pick system ensures all orders are picked accurately and efficiently to each client’s specification. Once picked, orders pass through our rigorous order quality control process.

Spectrum's pick and pack team process over 10,000 parcels per month on behalf of our clients.

Customer Service Team

Our 6 person customer service operation has been built up over 26 years.

We use a bespoke ISO certified process for each of our clients when dealing with:

  • Order Processing
  • Reporting
  • Order Tracking
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Client Queries